SCCA B-Spec Rules as of May 2011


Immediate classification of B-Spec Cars in Showroom Stock C


- Implementation date effective on publication of this Fastrack

- Initial B-Spec cars

o Ford Fiesta 4-door (2010-2011)

o Honda Fit 4-door (2009-2011)

o Nissan Versa 4 or 5-door (2010-2011)

o Mazda2 4-door (2011)

o Toyota Yaris 2 or 4-door (2010-2011)

Spec Lines for GCR:

- See Technical Bulletin 11-05 for specifications

Cars expected to be added in the future:

- Note: with appropriate manufacture involvement these cars will be added over time

o Chevrolet Sonic (this car will not be available until 2012, but Chevrolet is strongly behind this car)

o Fiat 500

o Hyundai Accent

o KIA Rio

o Scion XD

o Scion IQ (2012)

o VW Polo (this car may be imported in 2012)

Future Manufacturer Contingency Programs

SCCA has made the initial classifications allowing competitors to utilize any shock and spring that meets basic requirements. Please note that future manufacturer contingency programs may require you to purchase their shocks and springs to qualify for their programs.


Future Plans:

2011 Race Season:

- The B-Spec cars are classified in SSC. A B-Spec driver can attend the Runoffs as an SSC car if the Runoffs qualification requirements are satisfied.

2012 Race Season

- Same as 2011

- Additional cars will be classified as they become available and specifications are provided


#4607 (CRB) SSC B-Spec rules and specs

Effective upon publication, add a new subsection 9.1.7.E.34 as follows:

"For each of the following cars in SSC, Ford Fiesta 4 door (2010-11), Honda Fit 5 door (2009-2011), Nissan Versa 4-5 door (2010-2011), Mazda2 4 door (2010-2011) and Toyota Yaris 2-4 door (2010-2011), the following apply:

Interiors may be removed, including seats, seat brackets, carpet, carpet padding, OEM seat belts, interior trim and headliners. OEM radio and air conditioner may be removed. Heaters and all duct work must remain, except duct work that goes under seats.

Maximum 2.5 degrees negative chamber on front and rear; MacPherson strut suspension may decamber wheels by the use of eccentric bushings at control arm pivot points, by the use of eccentric bushings at the strut-to-spindle, and/or by use of slotted adjusters at the top of the strut mounting plate. If upper strut slotted plates are used, they shall be located on existing chassis structure, utilizing the OEM bolt holes and may not serve as reinforcement for that structure. On other forms of suspension, camber adjustment may be achieved by the use of shims and/or eccentric bushings.

Ride Height: Minimum ride height is five (5) inches, to be measured without driver at the lowest point of the rocker panels, but not to include welded seams or fasteners.

Suspension: Any OEM or aftermarket non-adjustable shock absorber intended for the specific make, model and year car is permitted. The shock absorber must be installed in the stock mounting location. Remote reservoir shocks are not permitted. Any springs up to a maximum spring rate of 500 pounds may be used. The spring must be installed in the stock location. Threaded shock bodies or adjusters may be used."



Bore x Stroke(mm)/ Displ. (cc)

Wheel- Base (mm)


F & R (mm)

Wheel Size(in.)/ Matíl.

Tire Size (max)

Gear Ratios

Final Drive

Brakes (mm)

Weight (lbs)


Ford Fiesta 4 door (2010- 2011)

79.0 x 81.4



57.7 57.7

15 x 7 alloy, minimum weight 13 pounds


3.86, 2.038, 1.281, 0.951, 0.736


(F) 259

(R) OEM drum


See 9.1.7.E.34


Honda Fit 5 door (2009- 2011)

73.0 x 89.55



58.7 58.1

15 x 7 alloy, minimum weight 13 pounds


2.996, 1.679, 1.067, 0.761, 0.552


(F) 262

(R)OEM drum


See 9.1.7.E.34

Nissan Versa 4-5 door (2010-2011)

78.0 x 83.0 1600


58.3 50.7

15 x 7 alloy, minimum weight 13 pounds


3.727, 2.048, 1.393, 1.029, 0.891


(F) 280 (R)OEM drum


See 9.1.7.E.34

Mazda2 4 door (2010- 2011)




58.1 57.7

15 x 7 alloy, minimum weight 13 pounds


3.416, 1.842, 1.290, 0.972, 0.775


(F) 258 (R)OEM drum


See 9.1.7.E.34

Toyota Yaris 2-4 door (2010-2011)

74.9 x 84.6



58.3 57.9

15 x 7 alloy, minimum weight 13 pounds


3.545, 1.904, 1.310, 0.969, 0.815


(F) 258 (R)OEM drum


See 9.1.7.E.34

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